This is for you Bea!

Well my sister is in Costa Rica! That lucky dog. :) Here she is getting herself a well deserved pedicure before she goes on her trip. Bea, I got your message and am not sure how to get ahold of you so I am just putting it on my blog because I know you are reading it or at least you better be :)


Just want you to know I talked to Cade today and he sounded great! Grandpa sounded wonderful too he said they were having a great time. They were reading scriptures and just about to say their night prayers when I called. Well I hope you are having an AWESOME time in Costa Rica! The pics look great.  Miss you!!

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  1. its me Says:

    I’m loving it here! It is great! You and Ella look amazing together, love the hair! I’m going to the rain forest tomorrow haha

  2. kristi Says:

    Looks like fun! Hope everything is going well B!!!

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