Ollie Pop!

As most of you know Ollie is a typical 2yr old. He is constantly on the go. There is never a dull moment here thanks to him. He loves to sneak outside, go in the fridge, freezer leave the doors open pull food out and eat part of it. He does it so fast too he is like a little tornado I feel like I cannot get much of anything done when he’s awake and since he doesn’t nap anymore I usually stay up later than I like to clean up. Anyway Ollie also is a very independent funny little boy. He will change his clothes many times a day (reminds me of Ella) and he knows what he wants to wear so pretty much I pick my battles. For example yesterday he wore bright red rainboots to church with his adorable Easter outfit. When we got home he put on a police officer dress up and his red boots while I was getting more bubbles and colored chalk out for outside this is what I was greeted with.



Guess he wanted to wear a tutu too. :) He sure cracks us up

7 Responses to “Ollie Pop!”

  1. Nana G Says:

    Just have to love that Ollie Pop - You and Ella look great!
    Can’t wait for the big event.

  2. Shara Says:

    He is too cute, but he will hate you for this picture someday…:)

  3. Judy Says:

    Jolly Ollie leaves smiles on everyone’s face at his antics and attire. These two pictures are priceless.

    You and Todd have succeeded in raising 4 unique children, all precious and special in their own way. God is good, all the time :-)

  4. Shara Says:

    I had to come back & see these pics again, they are just TOO CUTE. Great job capturing the moment, Mama! Have fun this week: SPRING BREAK!!! :)

  5. Kristi Says:

    Ollie is always good for a laugh! So cute! Give him hugs and kisses from Auntie Kristi and Uncle Zach

  6. SueBoo Says:

    Love it!!

  7. Kim D. Says:

    Ahhh, this is the perfect photo to bring out when his girlfriend comes to visit. Also excellent bribing material during the teenage years. I have a funny picture of Caleb that I threaten occasionally to put on facebook - works wonders for cleaning up his room.

    He is too cute!

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