You will be so happy I don’t have a picture!

Ok so here goes embarrassing moment 50000020 or something like that. So this year I joined an adult dance class it is through the same studio Ella goes to. We have our big recital this weekend and I am a bit nervous especially since it is at the Grand. Well tonight was our dress rehearsal, Ella kept complaining about her costume hurting her neck I told her to stop and that it was fine. After wearing mine for awhile I know what she means I also have the same type of top as she does and mine was really irritating me too. I undid hers because it had a little clasp thingy well mine is a halter top so I pulled it over my head and it came down and sat at my waist. We took a dinner break and just came running back into the grand to see what # we were on when they called my dance! Oh my goodness we were up I wasn’t ready! I didn’t have my shoes on nothing! I was super nervous so I ran down to our spot which was the 3rd row and I turned around to run up to the door to get to the stage first I looked at ALL the people. The bottom part of the grand was pretty full. Then I remembered I had to take my sweatshirt off (I am very self-conscious with it off) I turned toward all the people and pulled it off when my dear friend, Amy, gasped I realized I didn’t pull back up my costume. Here I was in just my bra which is very skimpy, to me anyway. Needless to say doing my dance on stage was NO BIG DEAL after that.

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  1. Amy Says:

    It was a tad bit funny you have to admit!! No??? I don’t think anyone even noticed….really. :)

    You and all the other Single Ladies are awesome and did great!!! You go girl!

    I just checked my email and I still haven’t gotten the video clip…..waiting….still waiting….yup…still….waiting

    Love ya,

  2. SueBoo Says:

    So what you’re saying is, instead of a dress rehearsal, it was an “un-dress rehearsal”!!!!!

  3. Judy Says:

    Isn’t the saying for a good performance “Break a leg”, not, “Drop your top”? :-)

    Can’t wait to see both of you in the show tonight. I know you’ll both do well.

  4. katharine Says:

    oh my goodness! so sorry :)

  5. Kim D. Says:

    I’m sorry Charity, I must be a very bad friend, because I’m thinking that was hilarious. Love Sue’s comment and agree that you were obviously confused about whether it was a dress rehearsal or undress rehearsal.

  6. Marci Says:

    Oh my heck! You are hilarious - at least you had a bra on and not those pasty things we used to wear for dance - yuk.
    I remember the days when we wore our big shirts until we absolutely had to take it off - some things never change.

  7. Shara Says:

    I was DYING when I read this!! Too funny, Charity. A CLAssiC “embarassing moment” to share at parties, right??? :) :) :)

    You did AMAZING at your recital, you are a great dancer & the energy was awesome!!!

  8. amy b Says:

    Well, I am a little disappointed. I thought we agreed you were going to post a picture of that black bra and title it: “At least I was still wearing THIS.” Oh yeah… I guess those were just my horrible suggestions.

    I don’t think you needed to lose your top in order to do well on stage. You were great. The best one. I think everyone who was not at the show has to get a chance to see your naughty walk!!!

  9. Daniella Says:

    HeHeHe…….u kind of have a bit of a public flashing issue don’t you. I remember a Walmart story that sounded very similar to this.

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