Ella’s tooth


Was just hanging like that for days. I so wanted to pull it out but she wanted to do it by herself. I love pulling out teeth but apparently Ella does too :). She also wanted to make sure she pulled it out at school so she could get a little tooth necklace to hold it in.



Here she is with it finally gone! If you look close you will see the tooth necklace around her neck! Now she wants to be the tooth fairy for Halloween. I’m hoping she will lose the other one soon. I love when the 2 front teeth are missing.

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  1. Kara Says:

    That is hilarous! Alivia JUST lost her front tooth also, Troy pulled it out on Sunday, she wanted him to! Her other tooth is loose also. I was really hoping that they would both come out for her school pics, because I too, love it when the two are missing! We called Alivia Nanny McPhee for a few days because she would let the dangling tooth hang out over her lip!

  2. Marci Says:

    Yeah for Ella! She’s wearing Jenna’s dress… I’m glad she found some things that fit!

  3. Shara Says:

    I’ll have to bring my kids up to WI for you & Ella to tag team pulling their teeth!!!! lol

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