Check out these two crazy drivers! :)



It’s Ollie and his friend, Chum! They love to get together 2x a week. Chummy’s mom watches Ollie so I can help out in the kids school and I get to watch Chum so his mom can help out in her kids classroom. It is wonderful. I love watching these two together. They are both turning 3 this month! Actually dear little Chum turns 3 tomorrow!!! Yay Happy Birthday Chum. Ollie turns 3 on the 17th! I can’t believe it.


3 Responses to “Friends”

  1. Judy Says:

    I am delighted to have your family as neighbors and friends. I enjoy watching your kids grow up and their antics and energy. Your family has brought much joy and liveliness to our street.
    Thank you!

  2. amy b Says:

    The jeep wouldn’t be half off the curb if Ollie were driving. Chum may get his license first, but I think I’d rather Ollie drive them to seminary in the morning.

  3. Shara Says:

    TOO CUTE!! I love these two boys too–the joy on their faces as they drive around is just priceless!!!

    Also I love Amy’s comment–lol!

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