Christmas Eve

Hmm well this sure has been a wonderful and interesting Christmas break. Christmas eve we had a fun family day. We went to the movie Tangled (which I recommend) ¬†and exchanged a few gifts. Calvie had a bit of a breakdown I think lack of sleep and excitement had a lot to do with it. Anyway we had a rough evening due to lots of tantrums and arguing. Ollie has been watching Dora’s Christmas and kept telling all of us we were on the naughty list and every so often would tell us we were off it. That night pretty much all the kids went to bed crying. It was not a good evening. I checked in on Monty, I could hear him crying when I asked him what was wrong he said he was afraid Calvin was on the naughty list instead of talking with Monty in my anger I said, “yes he probably is on it”. That morning at 2:00 I heard footsteps upstairs I knew it was Monty. In the morning when we all got up Monty was sleeping on the recliner and he excitedly waved me over to him and this is what he saidMonty: Mom, Santa brought Calvin and I presentsMe: Oh goodMonty: Do you know why he did? Mom it was because I prayed all night that Calvin would get off the naughty list and then I even prayed that I would go on the naughty list so Calvin could get off it. I woke up and saw presents under the tree and there were 4 for everyone except me I only had 2. I knew that was cuz I prayed that Calvin would get presents and that he could even have mine. So its ok that I only have 2 I am just happy we all got presents.When we started the present opening the kids found 2 more presents for Monty under the tree and Monty had a huge smile on his face. He just didn’t see them earlier.It made me smile and all warm inside to see that even though they argue and don’t always get along they still really love one another. I had to record this so I can remember it and when I am frustrated they are fighting I can read this post :)

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  1. Judy Says:

    It sounds like the greatest gift at the Gasall house was not under the tree, but in the hearts of each person that slept snuggly in their beds. This blog entry is just another example of what a wonderful family you are raising and the values you and Todd are instilling and modeling are beginning to bud and blossom in the children God has placed in your care. (I also believe your father and grandfather in heaven had a lot to say about the gift of Monty’s behavior and the change that brought forth in his heart!)

    May your New Year continue to be filled with the blessings God gives us all, His love.

  2. Marci Says:

    You sure are raising some sweet children Charity! I know we all get frustrated, but just know in all the chaos you are doing a wonderful job! love ya! Oh and guess what??? I just got a blog of my own - check it out - only one post so far but I’m hoping i’ll be able to keep it up. It’s Glad in the end, you had a wonderful Christmas!

  3. Kim DeMille Says:

    I keep telling you that Monty is just like his dad. Apparently he’s a spiritual giant just like his dad too! Love that kid! You guys are such a neat family. Love you all loads.

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