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Black Eyes, Happy Faces, Christmas & Happy Basement

Tuesday, November 13th, 2007

Ok, this will probably be a long post. I was thinking about some of the stuff that has happened in the past week or so and realized that there is a lot going on.

1st the Black Eye. Calvin seems to be our most injury prone child. He is very tough, nothing seems to bother him, but he is getting hurt all of the time. Last week he was pushing a glider swing in our backyard when he went too far. The end result was a trip to the Walk-in Clinic and this…

He’s doing quite well. It only split open one more time. The doctor said the cut wasn’t deep enough for stitches or anything like that. We were glad. He said if Calvin needed stitches we would have had to gone to the ER because the clinic won’t touch anything that close to the eye. He also told me, trying to get me to watch him more closely I believe, that had it been his eye, we’d be headed to surgery. We were very blessed that it wasn’t anything bigger. It was quite crazy, though. He pushed the glider swing and then tried to walk under it as he let go, not realizing that there is another part that is going to come back down and nail him. His head was pinned between the ground and the bottom of the swing. I actually had to move the swing back and up to get him out of there. Like I said, we were very blessed that he only got the cut on his eye.

Halloween came and went with a bang. I already told you how the kids got tons of candy. I finally decided to download these pictures to my PC, so I figured I’d throw a Halloween picture up. Here are the kids in their Halloween shirts. Not the costumes, but still cute.

It seems Christmas comes earlier and earlier each year. It’s not that we don’t like to celebrate the birth of our Savior, but it seems too commercialized and all about Santa and the toys. Every Monday we hold a Family Home Evening. We make sure that the entire family is together that night and we have some fun together. We usually have a little lesson, a fun activity and snacks. Let’s not forget the songs that we sing either. If someone were listening in on our Family Home Evening I’m sure they’d have a good laugh. Beautiful voices just aren’t one of the gifts we’ve been given. We switch who does what each week. This week Monty had the activity. Mom had a brief lesson about Christmas and how we are celebrating the birth of Jesus. Monty’s activity was to decorate the house with Christmas decorations. The kids had some fun with it. Here’s Calvin wearing the Tree Skirt as a dress…

I’ve been especially happy the last couple of days. Besides continuing to work from home we hired a friend to frame and drywall our basement. As most of you know we are running out of room in our house. 3 kids are in 1 room right now, which makes for a very interesting (read trying) bedtime. Our basement has come a long way. It used to flood every spring. We had that fixed. We had only 1 window down there. We had 2 egress windows installed so we could have legal (and safe!) bedrooms. Our staircase was ugly and facing the wrong direction. We had it flipped.

I was planning to do much of the work in the basement myself with the help of many wonderful people who had offered to help. After talking to this friend we decided to hire him. He does construction for a living. He’s really really good at it. I’m pretty sure we made the right decision now. He’s been here the last 2 days. He’s detailed every aspect of our basement plan in chalk on the basement floor. I did some of that prior, but not to the level of detail he’s doing. Today he put up insulation and began framing the exterior walls. He’s framing the exterior walls with steel studs so he can get it up quickly. The interior walls will be framed with 2×4’s. Here’s one corner of the basement so far. Ella likes the pink walls and doesn’t want us to finish them. She wants her room to be pink.

That’s all for now. Mike (the friend doing the basement) is coming back tomorrow. Then it will be a short week for me with Thanksgiving. So far the plan is to go to Marinette to have Turkey dinner at my Aunt’s house. It will be good to see some relatives that we haven’t seen for a while!

Fall Fun at Rib Mountain

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

Since I’ve been playing Mr. Mom these past 2 days I really wanted to get Ella and Calvin away from the TV. Yesterday Ella watched TV all morning, then I took her and Calvin to a park and then they watched TV right up until our Family Home Evening activities which began around 6pm. Today I was bound and determined to complete my Motherly duties early enough so I could get them outside before noon. I made it, just barely, but I made it. At 11:00 Ella, Calvin and I trekked over to Rib Mountain. That’s our huge ski mountain in Wausau (I use the term “huge” loosely) for those of you not familiar with it. Here are some fun pictures of the kids at Rib. We really did have a good time and they didn’t watch much TV today!! I’m still nowhere near as good at the Mom thing as Charity is (I think it’s an impossibility).

It was a beautiful fall day in Wausau. The temp was around 50 degrees Fahrenheit and very sunny! This was taken from the van while driving up the entrance to the park.

I wanted to get some scenic pictures, so I laid down on the ground and took a picture of a tree. I think it turned out nice.

The kids looked at me like I was crazy!

Then they thought it would be fun too!

Monty has school tomorrow but is off on Thursday and Friday. I am trying to think of something fun to do with him, Ella and Calvin on one of those days.

Tomorrow Oliver has his 1st doctors appointment. No shots I believe, so it should be pretty harmless. It will be the 1st time we have taken him out since leaving the hospital. It will be his first time riding in our van!!!