Todd M. Gasall

I am an experienced software development manager. Currently I am working as an Application Development Manager for Sentry Insurance, working on a large, multi-year project that is responsible for development and implementation of core Policy Administration applications within the organization. Previously I have been employed as a consultant, designing and implementing solutions in the Oracle Technoloy Stack and Software Developer, working on Java Web Applications. I have been involved in all aspects of the Software Development Life Cycle, including leading projects and architecting common solutions for my fellow co-workers. I am very approachable and helpful to other co-workers. I am very resourceful and able to find answers to issues that have come up during the development of the software I work on for both my co-workers and myself.


  • Over 3 years of technical leadership/management experience on large corporate software projects with general oversight of more than 50 software developers.
  • Over 10 years of experience developing Java based Web Applications.
  • Architected many common solutions used by many developers.
  • Often involved in debugging production issues for both software that I have developed and software my co-workers have developed.
  • Involved with production deployment procedures and scripts.
  • Created requirements and test plans for other Developers to work with.
  • I have lead development projects, participated and lead Storyboard sessions.
  • I have been very proactive in introducing new technologies to my employers and co-workers to help expedite the development process.

Technical Experience

Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 Platform 1.4, January 5, 2004
Languages: Java, JSP, SQL, XML/XSL/XSD, HTML, Javascript, CSS, Web Services, BPEL, Guidewire Gosu, Jacada HostFuse, Cobol, ColdFusion, Perl
Open Source: Struts, Jetspeed, Axis, OJB, Hibernate, Castor, OpenSAML, OpenSPML, Log4j, IText, JUnit, Ant
Guidewire Products: PolicyCenter 4, PolicyCenter 7
Oracle Products: Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle Adaptive Access Manager (OAAM), Oracle Identity Manager (OIM)
Application Servers: Tomcat, JBoss, Oracle Application Server, IBM Websphere, JRun
Databases: MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB
Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows, Novell Netware 5.0/5.1, Linux, Mac OS X

Professional Training

  • Seven Habits of Highly Effective People Sentry Insurance Training
  • 4 Disciplines of Execution FranklinCovey

Professional Experience

Sentry Insurance, Stevens Point, WI
Application Development Manager April 2011 - Present

Technical Manager responsible for the successful development and implementation of an over $100 million replacement of a legacy Policy Administration system with 11 lines of business for Commercial Property and Casualty Insurance with a customized implementation of Guidewire PolicyCenter.

Accomplishments Include:

  • Provided technical direction to over 50 developers (including 10 technical leads) when developers and technical leads were unable to determine how to move forward on a solution over the course of a 3 year project.
  • Over a successful Go-live weekend for a product 3 years on the making, rallied developers and other IT professionals within the organization around the resolution of the unexpected issues that arose.
  • Provided detailed technical estimates to Senior and Executive leadership on new features which helped them to make appropriate scope decisions.
  • Met with Technical Representation from Software Vendors, such as ISO Prometrix, ISO Location, Marshall & Swift/Boeckh BVS ExpressLync, Polk Vintelligence, to understand how their products could be integrated within the Policy Administration system for the benefit of the end users and risk analysis.
  • During initial scope exploratory phase, conceived idea to have developers create Technical Briefs for changes and new features to the system which aided in the estimating process.
  • Created processes and procedures to be followed for software design and development, including creating the format for the Technical Design Documentation, and design and code review processes.

Sentry Insurance, Stevens Point, WI
Senior Programmer Analyst March 2010 - April 2011

At Sentry, I was part of a large Scrum Project that is responsible for replacing the existing Benefit and Policy Administration Systems. My work included Java Development, Guidewire PolicyCenter configuration and system design. I reviewed code to make sure it met the technical requirements and conformed to Sentry's Standards.

Accomplishments Include:

  • Developed and designed a common Java Messaging Framework using Websphere MQ and JMS for integrating disparate systems. The framework supports both Synchronous and Asynchronous invocation.

Zirous, Inc., West Des Moines, IA
Senior System Architect March 2008 - March 2010

At Zirous I served as a consultant to many different organizations. Here I had the opportunity to learn many new software technologies, all related to the Oracle technology stack. My main focus was in the Oracle Fusion Middleware stack, but I also worked in the Oracle Identity Management space with technologies like Oracle Adaptive Access Manager (OAAM) and Oracle Identity Manager (OIM). As a consultant I was responsible for development and implementation duties as well as training employees of our clients. I had many opportunities to provide in-depth documentation to our clients on different technologies that they can use as a resource for learning the technology and maintaining the software I worked on for that client.

As a consultant at Zirous I had the opportunity to present a Case Study on one of the projects I worked on to the Missouri Oracle Middleware User Group in St. Louis, MO (August 2008) and at Oracle Tech Day in Milwaukee, WI (April 2009). I've also given an OAAM Overview in Madison, WI.

Accomplishments Include:

  • Implemented a Customer Data Hub using Oracle's BPEL. The customer data hub pulled data from the Oracle E-Business Suite and pushed it to the client's legacy systems, which included integration with mainframes, web services, queues and other Oracle databases. In addition to my BPEL development responsibilities I developed PL/SQL stored procedures and mentored the clients employees in BPEL Development. I created a tutorial and in-depth system documentation for our work on the project to help the client maintain the system after we were gone.
  • Implemented advanced security into a client's web application using the Oracle Adaptive Access Manager (OAAM) product. OAAM adds 3 levels of authentication to different pieces of an application, including Something you know, Something you are and Something you have. Here I served mostly as a mentor to the client's development team. I first learned the details of the product by implementing it into a test application. Then I thoroughly documented the product and steps needed to integrate the product into a web application. This was given to the client's development team. They were able to quickly get up to speed on the product by using the documentation I provided. I then provided additional support for the client when they encountered problems during the implementation efforts.
  • Completely customized an OIM installation, including developing processes to load and configure OIM and customize the OIM Administrative and User Console. Learned the integration points and completely architected the software customizations. Lead a team of developers to complete the customizations. Mentored and trained clients developers on the solution. Provided production support as well.
  • Reviewed system design and architecture for a new Oracle SOA 11g on Weblogic 11g integration. Mentored and provided support the organization.

Fiserv Health, Wausau, WI
Senior Systems Analyst November 2002 - March 2008

At Fiserv Health I primarily served as a web software developer. In this role I was responsible for creating new Internet Web Applications for the company. I developed entire applications in both team and individual environments. I have become one of the core architects for the Fiserv Health web applications. I was the core architect behind the main Fiserv Health Services portal application that was implemented via the Apache Jetspeed Portal. I also developed batch java applications for core claim processing using the Jacada HostFuse product. I have served as both the Web Server Admin and Backup Web Server Admin for my entire tenure at Fiserv Health. In addition to my server admin and software development duties I have served as a Project lead, responsible for entire projects from start to finish. I have also served as a Team Lead with 2 developers reporting to me.

Accomplishments Include:

  • Implemented the Fiserv Health Services Portal using the Apache Jetspeed Portal. This product was not mature enough when we began implementing our portal. As a result it wasn’t ready for an Enterprise solution yet. I learned as much as I could about this project and rewrote many of the components to work for us. Some of my work has been contributed back to the Apache Jetspeed Open Source Project.
  • I learned a new programming environment, Jacada HostFuse, for simulating Mainframe Sessions. As a result I wrote many Jacada applications, fronted by a Java Batch Job that allowed the web application to collect information from members and update the Mainframe without having to rewrite the Business Logic surrounding the inserting and updating of data on the Mainframe. This saved the company a lot of money and time in developing these applications. One such program involved a multi-threaded batch program that had the ability to process over 5000 claims in 40 minutes. Prior to this program a Full Time Employee had the job of processing these claims, which took the entire day.
  • I introduced the use of many open source projects to the Web Development team. These include Apache Jetspeed Portal, Apache ObjectRelational Bridge (OJB), Hibernate, Tomcat, Apache Axis, Castor, Eclipse and JBoss.
  • I developed a custom LDAP Authentication Module against Active Directory, for use by our Intranet Applications. It has since been implemented in most of the Fiserv Health Intranet Applications.
  • I architected and developed a Single Sign On solution to allow access to our Portal and other Internet Applications.

Kraft Foods, Madison, WI
Senior Systems Analyst January 2001 - November 2002

I began my career with Kraft Foods as an AS400 Cobol programmer for their Warehouse system. After 6 months of Cobol, I began developing the same warehouse system for the web using Java. Worked on a team of about 15 developers. I developed Enterprise Java Beans (EJB’s) to support the core business logic and developed the web front end using the Struts MVC. I was involved in many Code Reviews and Standard Committees. I developed UML Diagrams for core pieces of the Web Warehouse System. I was able to travel to different plants and distribution centers to help with the install of the Warehouse System.

Accomplishments Include:

  • Created and taught a Struts Training class for other Kraft Developers.
  • Participated in Storyboard Sessions.

Management Information Office, UW-Oshkosh, Oshkosh, WI
Network Administrator August 1999 – December 2000

In a team of 3, I helped managed the network and computer systems for the Department of Residence Life at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. This included over 5000 users, 250 workstations and 10 servers including Email, Web, File and Backup Servers. Our core Network Operating System used Novell Netware 5.1. I was responsible for managing the server backups and Workstation policies. I also upgraded the Server and Workstation hardware.

Accomplishments Include:

  • Researched, bought and configured a new Backup Tape Library.
  • Developed process for upgrading our 250 workstations to Windows 2000 from Windows NT 4.0.
  • Prepared and presented training sessions for the MIO PC Technicians and Lab Consultants.
  • Configured applications, such as Visual Basic 6, to be pushed to the workstations via the ZenWorks Application Launcher.

Management Information Office, UW-Oshkosh, Oshkosh, WI
PC Technician May 1999 – August 1999

Troubleshoot and repair PC and Software problems for the Department of Residence Life computers. Troubleshoot problems on site and over the phone with the end users. I upgraded hardware and software on the PC’s for the Department of Residence Life.

Accomplishments Include:

  • Gave Training session on PC Hardware and Windows NT 4.0 to the Lab Consultants and other PC Technicians.


University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, Oshkosh, WI - December 2000
B.B.A in Management Information Systems, Honors Spring 2000

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